Why FiberBase?

  • Centralized Records
  • Mapping (MapInfo or FBWP)
  • Access to Information
  • Advanced Security
  • Visualize your data
  • Immediate ROI model
  • Access to field services
  • Cloud Accessibility
  • Flexible pricing options
  • We know your business...

More than 1000 features for our customers

The FiberBase software solution has grown immensely since it's creation in the mid 1990's and now proudly offers over 1000 features for managing your fiber optic infrastructure. However the information, your information, is what creates value and our approach to data is the direction many companies are beginning to adopt.

FiberOptic.com's FiberBase has been designed to leverage the advantages of a centralized Oracle Spatial Data Store (OSDS) structure. In this architecture data is written from FiberBase's Oracle database to a central OSDS where data from multiple applications is merged...

Talk to your sales agent to find out which licensing package suits your needs.

Step 1
Select you FiberBase Version which would be either FiberBase (ES) or FiberBase (CS)
Step 2
Determine if you have the need for web based access to your maps or GIS information
Step 3
Choose FiberBase or AutoCAD via FiberBase API for your Engineering tools

Why FiberBase?