New Release 6.1

We are excited to announce our latest release for FiberBase, version 6.1 which includes rich new features and never-before included support. The FiberBase 6.1 annual license upgrade includes high-quality technical support for up to 10 hours. New features include added usability from the field with FieldTask™ Work Order Task app. We’ve also made upgrades to the backend software including the use of Oracle Instant Client and Visio 2013. We hope that you will continue to give us feedback so that we can continue to deliver the new features that you feel are most important. To upgrade to this newest release, please contact fiberbase@fiberoptic.com.

Added Features & Enhancements

Technical Support

With this release, our licensing is structured for annual renewals and includes 10 hours of technical support, upgrades, patches and new releases ($1,500 value!). This guarantees you will get the highest level of support, updates on new releases, and confidence in knowing your application will always be up to date. Additional support hours can be purchased as needed.

FieldTask™ and Work Order Tasks

The Work Order Tasks are designed to be used in the field with the program FieldTask, an Android application (phone or tablet). Work Order Tasks are setup to aid you in tracking connects, disconnects, fiber testing and audits from the engineering/design process through the actual work in the field and then taking that data back to the office.

The FiberBase FieldTask for Android allows network engineers and operators to coordinate Work Orders with field technicians.  The application works with an offline connection from the FiberBase database. The App will allow you to use an Android device (phone or tablet) to:

  • Capture photos and attach notes to them. Photos are stored against the Work Order Task.
  • Mark Work Order Tasks as being complete with the time of completion
  • Append Notes to Work Order Tasks
  • Narrow Work Order Tasks to a specific structure and get directions to that Structure

Integrated Use of Oracle Instant Client

We are now including Oracle Instant Client and Oracle Data Access Components (ODAC) as part of the FiberBase Install to facilitate the use of the Visio and AutoCAD APIs.

Upgrade to Visio 2013

The Drawing workspace, which previously used Visio 2003 has been replaced with Visio 2013.  It is no longer embedded within FiberBase – it now runs as an optional separate application outside of FiberBase.  All the drawings that were made with the previous version of Visio should still work in the new Drawing workspace.


Along with the rollout of FiberBase 6.1, FiberOptic.com will begin holding how-to webinars on the 1st, 2nd and last Wednesday of every month starting 10/31 at 3 PM Central Time. Each session will be approximately 30 minutes and will allow you to request demonstrations on areas of interest as well as ask questions to our technical support. Webinars will be recorded and will be available in the FiberBase Webinar Library. We encourage customers to send in their topic suggestions via the form on the FiberBase website. Read More: http://fiberbasenms.com/support/webinar/

FiberBase Training

Get 10% off FiberBase training when you upgrade to 6.1. This gives you the ability to train up any new employees who will be working with the software, or it can serve as a refresher with 6.1 updates for current employees. Read More: http://fiberbasenms.com/services/training/

Upgrade to FiberBase 6.1

Contact us at fiberbase@fiberoptic.com to upgrade to FiberBase 6.1 today.