Software and Data Services

Data Migration Service

At, we understand that our customers often fear the process of switching over to a new database platform or creating one from scratch. We’ve “seen it all” and fully understand how daunting this process can seem. Fortunately, our expert team of database migration professionals are prepared to take the reigns and make the transition both smooth and error-free.

Typically, a data migration process includes:

  • Initially populating the database with existing fiber characterization data
  • Merging existing data from an acquired network
  • Merging data from other regions of your network into the main database

FiberBase’s Data Migration services have been utilized by users of Opticon, Corning’s discontinued network asset management system, and we have successfully transitioned clients with major and minor networks into FiberBase.’s tools and superior project management allows for thorough and accurate migration of data with minimal modifications or down-time. will be there every step of the way, regardless of the size or complexity of your network. Our experts are the best in the industry with literally hundreds of combined years of field experience and know-how. Give us a call and let us explain how quickly and painlessly we can get your network up and running on your new FiberBase platform and how we can take the fear out of the process.

Data Entry Service

Data integrity is the key to maintaining any network database. Many times, managing network additions, moves, changes and deletions can be challenging. In other cases, the initial population of data into the database can be the most concerning challenge. Our staff has extensive experience in populating and manipulating data in FiberBase and can quickly and efficiently populate your database with your data.

Data entry is typically performed at an hourly rate, however, offers several pricing methods to fit your specific project. Pricing per mile, per project or monthly flat fees can be developed to suit your unique data entry requirements.

Important note: If you currently store your network information in other electronic forms, check out our Data Migration service. This service can quickly transfer data into FiberBase electronically and reduce the time frame for data population and the need for manual data entry.

Database Customization Service

FiberBase’s Data Customization service provides you with a tailor-made database that represents your specific network design and engineering. An in-depth analysis is used to evaluate your current methods, processes and procedures, network design, implementing company and industry standards. Future network deployment plans and organizational changes are also taken into consideration. The findings based on this analysis will be used to custom design your database.

The custom design will include creating:

  • Map Layers
  • Equipment and Cable Templates
  • Drop-Down Lists
  • Field Definitions
  • Icon Settings
  • Color Coding
    … and much more

The completed database will be fully functional and ready to manage your network.