FiberBase Certification Training

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FiberBase Certification Training is a three-day course offered at the headquarters in Breinigsville, Pennsylvania. This unique, comprehensive course is geared for end users as well as resellers/distributors and is designed to familiarize the student with the core functionality and features of FiberBase. The student will learn the best ways to document, manage and track all of the resources found within a typical fiber optic network including equipment, routing of data, network mapping, fault analysis, record keeping and much more!

Breinigsville, Pennsylvania, USA

Cost:  $1500, USD, which includes certification.

Prerequisite: Students should have a basic knowledge of fiber optic networks and their related components. Students are expected to be comfortable working within a Windows OS environment.

Course Outline

Introduction to FiberBase® :

  • Presentation Format
  • Course Objectives
  • FiberBase Components
  • FiberBase Configurations

FiberBase Fundamentals:

  • Workspaces
  • Toolbars and views
  • Layers and Groups
  • Loading Equipment
  • Templates

FiberBase and Fiber Topology:

  • Long-haul Routes Between Locations
  • “City Level” Structure Locations
  • Short-haul Routes Between Locations
  • Splice-Point Locations
  • Ducts and Inner Ducts

Building Fiber Networks in FiberBase:

  • Sheaths and Routes
  • Building and Placing Equipment
  • Creating Floor space
  • Creating Lineups
  • Connecting Fibers from OSP Sheath through to TX/RX

FiberBase Functionality:

  • Linking Traces to a Topology
  • Display the Trace View
  • Taking advantage of Twist Factors
  • FiberBase™ Reporting
  • Creating Custom Reports with Crystal Reports, FiberBase™ and Visio

FiberBase Review:

  • Examination of Pre-Work
  • Q & A
  • Instructor and Classroom Survey

Additional Types of Training

Aside from the 3-day product training mentioned above, we also offer:
Read Only Training

  • Geared for operations, engineers, NOCS and sales users

Advanced Training

  • Geared for individuals that have completed the basic training course.

Includes customized topics such as:

  • Using the Functional Object Block (FOB) Workspace to build advanced equipment templates
  • Using GeoSet Manager to build custom basemaps