Enterprise (ES) Enterprise – A Full-Featured Solution

Broadband Asset Management / Network Documentation / GIS Data Mapping FiberBase (ES) is a sophisticated, client-server Broadband Asset Management / Network Documentation / GIS Mapping package designed for today’s broadband network environment.

Created by industry professionals, FiberBase (ES) lets you design, engineer, document and manage all your network assets in a GIS enabled database.  You can document your network from entire routes down to individual fibers and specific wavelengths, then share that information in any way you choose across a broad organizational structure.

Designed for environments where total control and security are paramount, FiberBase (ES) runs off of an Oracle database, completely set up, controlled and maintained by the organization. Popular in University and military settings, it offers an unlimited number of users. The (ES) version assumes a high level of IT resources are available and that both expandability, customization and encapsulated security are key motivating factors Features Include:

  • Maps Workspace
  • Connection Workspace
  • OTDR Workspace
  • Floor View Workspace
  • Equipment View Workspace

FiberBase (WP) Web Portal – Mobilize Your Workforce

FiberBase (WP) is our presentation layer for the more sophisticated database and mapping information, which resides in FiberBase Enterprise (ES) and the Oracle database where information is stored. Designed to meet the industry’s growing demand for physical plant information, FiberBase (WP) allows sales and marketing resources to target a region and obtain the basic information necessary to create a cost basis for quoting and direct marketing. Features Include:

  • Satellite Maps – Routes / Structures
  • Engineering – Redlining / Nearest
  • Troubleshooting – Ping Test

FiberBase (CS) Cloud – Getting Started Immediately

The Cloud Services (CS) version of FiberBase is a  revolution in fiber network management. Based on a Read/Write License model, FiberBase (CS) is designed with the smaller, more budget-conscious customer in mind. With (CS) you’ll still have full-featured control of your network, but without the associated costs and complexity of maintaining a stand-alone Oracle database and without straining your IT resources.

Hosted on Amazon Web Services, FiberBase (CS) is intended for small to mid-sized companies who need the flexibility and control offered by FiberBase, but who need it to be available anywhere, at any time and with an unlimited potential for expandability and customization.

With FiberBase (CS) we do all of the heavy lifting, allowing you to tailor the application to suit your specific needs. Our team of experienced and savvy technicians, engineers and instructors are available to get you up and running, train your employees, maintain the Oracle database and keep your data safe.

Plus, because FiberBase (CS) is a monthly fee-based service, there are absolutely no startup costs involved.  If necessary, our expert team can also provide Database Customization, Data Migration, Process Analysis, Field Auditing, Networking Engineering and even Data Entry services. FiberBase (CS) is not only incredibly powerful and flexible – it’s free! You’ll only pay a monthly maintenance fee (per year) to keep the service active.

FiberBase (CS) is the most reasonably priced network monitoring software solution on the market today, bar none.

Broadband Asset Management / Network Documentation / GIS Data Mapping

FiberBase™ is a sophisticated database and mapping package designed for today’s broadband environment. Designed by industry professionals, FiberBase™ lets you map all your network assets in a GIS enabled database, completely document your network from entire routes to individual fibers, and plan for network expansion. Check out our FiberBase™ specific page for more info!

7.15.2012 – FiberBase CS (Cloud Services) is now hosted by Amazon Web Services for small and medium sized firms.

The FiberBase CS (Cloud Services) Solution is the optimal solution for companies looking to obtain the benefits of a Network Asset Management Solution without the difficulties associated with managing such a robust environment within an overly strained IT department.