FiberBase (WP) Web Portal – Mobilize Your Workforce

FiberBase (WP) is our presentation layer for the more sophisticated database and mapping information, which resides in FiberBase Enterprise (ES) and the Oracle database where that information is stored. Designed to meet the industry’s growing demand for physical plant information, FiberBase (WP) allows sales and marketing resources to target a region and obtain the basic information necessary to create a cost basis for quoting and direct marketing.


Features Include:

  • Satellite Maps – Routes / Structures
  • Engineering – Redlining / Nearest
  • Troubleshooting – Ping Test



The FiberBaseWP Structure Map allows users to edit the parameters of the structures within their network.



The FiberBaseWP Street Map view allows users to locate obstructions, obstacles or other interference that may be within the Right of Way (ROW) of the physical plant.


The FiberBaseWP Satellite Map View allows users to visualize route paths while including the satellite imagery that is helpful in visual engineering.


The FiberBaseWP interface has advanced features like redlining to allow field engineers to comment or modify the information which is represented within FiberBase.


The FiberBaseWP has another advanced feature which allows users to create an item list of all assets within polygon defined by the user.  This might allow the user to identify if there are any splice enclosures or pedestal enclosures in a region where a new customer connection will need to be made.