Representational or Logical Views

Representational or logical views are views which show interrelationships between objects.

The Splice View Workspace

  • Shows all of the cables entering and leaving a structure

The Connection Workspace

  • Shows all the sheaths, binders, and conductors plus the equipment within structures and the ports the fibers are connected to
  • Mass connect of cables to ports
  • Single Patch or Jumper connections (cross connects)
  • Create cut-ins/ ring-cuts
  • Determine all of the connected fibers either between structures or from one end of a topology to the other

The Cross Sectional View

  • Available at any level from route to fiber: it shows all the ducts, sheaths, binders, conductors, wavelengths, and signals within


The Transport Topology Workspace

  • Shows conductors and ports (connection points) in an end to end diagram from transmitter to receiver (and all of the possible network paths that can be derived along the way via WDMs, combiners, splitters, OADMs, etc.)

The Functional Object Block (FOB) Workspace

  • Used to build and display passive optical network blocks

The Sheath Segment Matrix Workspace

  • Shows all of the structures going along a route and all of the intervening sheaths that are connecting the structures together

The Explorer Workspace

  • Shows hierarchical viewing of all the skeletal data elements within the network data model and how they are related to each other