Construction (Field) Engineering

Traditionally, the most challenging hurdle to overcome when setting up a network monitoring database was populating the database with the original, core data and then keeping the data current. With FiberBase, you’re not just buying a software solution –  you’re joining an expert team.

Our experienced team of engineers and technicians have all of the technical and human resources to guide you through the challenging process of getting you up and running on the FiberBase platform. Once populated and running, the FiberBase remote “cloud” tools and/or FiberBase-enabled test equipment allow field engineers and technicians to update network documentation and data right from the field, in “real-time,” ensuring your database remains current.

FiberBase isn’t just a software product, it’s a fully integrated solution. Your network is always changing and becoming more complex, and FiberBase keeps track of the changes and manages that complexity. With FiberBase, you’ll always be up to date and in control, saving time and money and keeping your customers up and running.

Value received from:

  • Walkout /  Driveout / FBWP
  • Site Survey / Worksite Investigation
  • Redlining
  • Interaction with API via FiberBase