Construction / Maintenance – OSP

Your network has been built, characterized, entered into FiberBase and everything is being monitored 24/7. Then disaster strikes – a backhoe has apparently cut through a major line while operating on a construction site downtown. FiberBase alerts you to the problem and pinpoints it on a map, down to the nearest address or street crossing.

Your maintenance crew is sent to the location and, using the FiberBase Cloud Services and a Droid-based tablet, they quickly locate the problem and begin the repair. Every piece of information the crew needs, from identifying the fiber in question, live lines versus black fiber, enclosure locations and even the affected customers is available to them, in real-time, on their tablet, instantly pulled via Internet from the FiberBase central database.

The repairs are made and the updated information, including new OTDR test results, signal quality and any necessary modifications to the network are all documented, photographed, mapped with GPS coordinates and updated instantly to the FiberBase database. Service has been quickly restored in less time, using fewer truck rolls and less cost, all thanks to the flexibility and efficiency of FiberBase.


  • Red Line (Proposed path for drops)
  • Data Entry – Updating records
  • OTDR  – Trace Data
  • One Call
  • Site Surveys