Network Engineering

Your network has been characterized and documented within FiberBase. Your sales and marketing team has identified hundreds of potential new customers. Now it’s time for the engineers to move beyond the intermediate red-line drawings and initiate the expansion. A properly documented network, managed through FiberBase, contains all of the detailed information the engineering team will need to efficiently plan network expansion.

Your engineers can identify the shortest path to run the fiber, the closest point of entry, the priority of the cables and every necessary detail about the enclosures, structures and resources involved in the expansion.

Time is money, and with FiberBase no time is wasted. Resources are efficiently utilized because the network is properly documented, mapped and understood by every team member.

ROI received from:

  • New Customer acquisition
  • Nearest Neighbor
  • Route (radius/buffer tool)
  • Data Entry
  • Shortest Path
  • Priority of cables
  • Conduit availability
  • Structure information